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Coral Snake 6.5" Foot Plush Stuffed Animal

Texas Toy Distribution

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The Texas coral snake is venomous and should be treated with great respect and viewed only from a distance. Coral snakes are not generally aggressive and will most likely flee any confrontation if given a chance to retreat. A member of the family of snakes which also includes cobras, the Texas coral snake's venom is much like that of its relatives in that it is neurotoxic. A neurotoxin affects the respiratory and nervous system of an envenomated animal and it allows the coral snake to subdue its prey without worry of an injury during a struggle. The Texas coral snake has small fangs in the front of its mouth (fangs which do not hinge like those of a rattlesnake) and will repeatedly strike its prey in order to deliver its venom. The Texas coral snake can often be found under boards or large stones during certain times of the year, living in places where other snakes may likely be encountered. The Texas coral snake feeds almost exclusively on other snakes.